RP Series Road Milling Shank Conical Bit
RP Series Road Milling Shank Conical Bit

RP Series

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RP series conical bit shanks for road milling are made to withstand harsh soil and gravel conditions without chipping, wearing down or being damaged by overheating. The Kennametal conical bits may be used to replace damaged bits or repair machines and offer good protection against tip loss. Kennametal ground engaging tools are made from the highest-quality steel and reinforced for extra impact resistance. The specialized design reduces wear along the body and offers greater block protection. They are also manufactured to optimize rotation, thereby reducing the incidence of chipping when marking hard cuts, and reducing the need for repairs or maintenance. Order the RP06, RP15H or RP21 for your equipment from Texas Contractors Equipment today. 


  • Full body design
  • Ultimate block protection
  • Maximum resistance to body wear
  • Long retainer/washer
  • Puller Groove available


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