Rex RH

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Texas Contractors Equipment offers a full range of tools and accessories needed for worksites of all kinds, from road rehab to construction to demolition and more. Pulvimixer tines are designed for the unique fit of the Pulvimixer to give you increased mixing efficiency and improved longevity for the machine. Over time, the tines on the rotor of the Pulvimixer are likely to break off, making it more difficult to complete the job. Replacement Rex RH tines manufactured by Herschel Adams allow you to quickly and easily replace the broken parts and get back to work. To order the Rex RH tine, contact Texas Contractors Equipment and reference part number T-211R. 

Rex Tine

  • Part # T211R
  • Beveled
  • Heat-treated
  • 10"
  • Right Hand
  • OEM #402-1591-2


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