Benefits of Using a Tube Broom Cattle Scratcher

Blue Tube Broom In WarehouseIf you operate a farm and are looking for an effective tool that can act as a “back scratcher” for your cattle, consider adding a tube broom cattle scratcher to your site.

Should you be wondering what a cattle scratcher is, it is essentially the same as a spinning brush or broom that you would see at a car wash. When the cattle rub their head or back against the broom it will spin and provide the friction necessary to scratch an itch.

This tube broom can be installed anywhere on your land that is easily accessible to cattle and they will be sure to get years of satisfaction from it.

Whether you are looking for happier cattle with less stress, cattle with better hygiene or anything in between, a tube broom cattle scratcher is a great choice.

They satisfy a natural desire in cattle

We’ve all seen cows scratching themselves against a tree or fence post, but many of us may not realize just how important scratching is for them. Being in the outdoors all day can create discomfort on the skin of cattle and requires them to find a way to clean or scratch their skin.

Four tube brooms in warehouse

This need is so strong in fact, that a study was recently conducted by the University of British Columbia’s animal welfare program that found cattle desire to scratch themselves as much as they desire eating.

In the study, weighted barriers were put in front of a cattle scratcher and fresh feed. The cattle pushed through each at the same frequency to get to their target.

Have been shown to improve health, mood

Although the afore mentioned study was unable to find a definitive answer, it is believed that giving cattle a way to scratch themselves reduces stress and improves their mood.

As an Interesting side note, some countries (including Denmark) make it a requirement to provide cattle with a way to care for their coats because it is so important to their overall health.

Closeup of blue tube broom

Well designed, functional

Lastly, tube broom cattle scratchers are ideal as they are well designed and are big enough to scratch nearly any sized cattle.

Tube brooms come in one single piece and are constructed on a steel core with a steel channel. The bristles on the broom are crimped and spirally wound throughout the length of the tube, allowing you to keep the scratcher for a long period of time.

When you’re interested in adding a tube broom cattle scratcher to your property, reach out to our team at Texas Contractors Equipment, Inc.

We proudly offer Keystone tube brooms that work perfectly as cattle scratchers and provide the bristles necessary to keep your cattle happy and healthy.

Be sure to give our team a call today at 713-776-1212 to learn more.

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