Flat Wafer Spacer

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Texas Contractors Equipment provides a full range of replacement parts so you can easily and affordably repair or refurbish any machine. These flat wafer spacers allow you to easily replace broken, damaged or worn components of your street sweeper or other equipment. Over time, rocks and other debris on surfaces can lead to wafer spacer damage and make it more difficult for your sweeper to clear away mud, grit, dust, oil and other stuck-on dirt effectively. These flat wafer spacers can restore the functionality of your machinery and are sold individually for use and reuse when possible. Choose between 6-3/8" and 10" sizes to find the right fit for your machine. For more information on any item or for help finding the part you need, contact Texas Contractors Equipment today. 

Spacers to be used with Flat wafers

  • Sizes: 6-3/8" and 10"
  • Sold individually as you may be able to re-use them


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