RZ Series

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RZ series tools are made to get the job done. With a streamlined, intuitive design, the RZ road milling shank conical bit is easy to use and lasts longer. The RZ road milling shank conical bit is made with more impact resistance, so it endures harder jobs and gets the project done faster. It is also designed to hold a stronger bond, making tip loss less of a problem and thereby reducing expenses. The RZ series tip profile also results in smoother rotation, reducing the incidence of chipping while making hard cuts. The bit is also easier to install and saves downtime. Order yours today from Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. and have the tools you need delivered to your door.


  • Improved retainer clip is pre-compressed for easy hand installation
  • Saves downtime
  • Provides better retention
  • Enhanced wear characteristics to extend life and tool rotation


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