RoadKing™  -  Road Rehabilitation Conicals
RoadKing™ - Road Rehabilitation Conicals

RoadKing™ - Road Rehabilitation Conicals for Cutting

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Road rehabilitation calls for sturdy, reliable, long-lasting tools and equipment that won’t wear down when put to the test. RoadKing road rehabilitation conicals top the list of tough equipment built specifically for the demanding tasks associated with road rehab projects. Manufactured by Kennametal, industry leaders in design, production and sustainability, the tips are designed to make each application easier. The conical for cutting is specially made and designed to increase the longevity of the tool and the efficiency of the process by reducing stress on the washer, retainer and holder, preventing material build-up and promoting smoother rotation. To order this .76” (20mm) shank or get more information, contact Texas Contractors Equipment today. 



  • Tips designed to best match your application
  • Material flow along the fluted body supports rotation, resulting in increased overall tool life
  • Head designed to lead cut material away, resulting in less fine material building up between retainer and shank
  • Increased collar diameter covers most of the washer and holder face, giving maximum holder protection
  • Body design allows east penetration, causing less stress and wear on washer, retainer, and holder system
  • .76" (20mm) Shank
  • X-treatment consists of an additional head heat treatment
Kennametal RoadKing - Rule the Road.

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Posted by Kennametal Inc on Thursday, December 8, 2016


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