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Texas Contractors Equipment Corporation supplies a wide range of tools from Herschel Adams, including an array of Pulvimixer tines. Herschel Adams components are made in the USA in the company’s home town of Indianola, Iowa. Raygo Pulvimixer tines are designed to stand up to use in tough conditions while maintaining their shape to get every job done right. These tines are heat treated so they will not be affected by the heat created through friction of mixing soil. These Raygo Pulvimizer tines may be used on the right- or left-hand side with a universal design that makes them a replacement for any damaged tine. Place an order online now or get more information on any product by calling Texas Contractors Equipment today.

Raygo Tine

  • Part # AT-10RAGONB
  • Non-bevelled
  • Heat-treated
  • Right Hand or Left Hand


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