Bucyrus Blades Grader and Box Blade Edges
Bucyrus Blades Grader and Box Blade Edges

Bucyrus Blades Grader and Box Blade Edges

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Bucyrus Blades manufactures a complete line of curved double bevel cutting edges, regular and overlay bits and ground engaging tools for motor graders.

These products include:

  • ForgeTemp® high-carbon grader blades for the most economical solution in high-abrasion, low-impact applications
  • MaxTemp® heat-treated, through-hardened blades to provide a balance between wear resistance and impact breakage.
  • Surface hardened grader cutting edges provides maximum wear resistance. Unique shape is self-sharpening for maximum penetration
  • End bits and overlay end bits help protect the moldboard, while extending the life of cutting edges MaxTemp serrated grader blades are available in select sizes

Infinity® 2000 Grading System

The innovative Infinity 2000 grading system replaces conventional grader blades with rotating, replaceable tungsten carbide bits.

The Infinity system gives you:

  • Grader blades that last as long as 5 to 15 sets of standard blades Reduced dust and brings larger gravel particles to the top of the road surface Heavy-duty mining system with 3/4" bolt holes available for haul roads


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