ESCO Carbide Embedded Edges
ESCO Carbide Embedded Edges

ESCO Carbide Embedded Edges

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ESCO carbide embedded products can greatly increase wear life in highly abrasive, low impact conditions. Crushed tungsten carbide is embedded into high wear areas. 40% of the carbide particles are embedded into the parent metal ensuring maximum resistance against sliding abrasion wear. ESCO carbide technology employs continuous passes of up to 4 inches in width, reducing heat-affected areas that can cause chipping and breakage.

The engineers at ESCO configure each carbide pattern to provide a wear protective shield, designed to enhance performance and longevity.

Carbide Embedded Product Benefits

  • Can extend wear life 3-7 times over standard OEM offering in recommended applications
  • Reduces need for maintenance
  • Increases machine availability


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